Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Spring 2013 Upcoming Events and Meetings

Club Meeting February 8, 2013

4:30pm Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

Our second meeting of the year! Everyone is welcomed! It's a great opportunity to meet new friends from all over the world. At this meeting we will be discussing important information about our biggest event, the International Food Expo. We will also be taking about our upcoming Spring Break trip to Orlando, Florida. Directions to Ruston Hall can be found on the map below, its marked by the big orange star! Hope to see you there!

International Food Expo      


This is the International Club's biggest event on campus! Located in Carter Hall, from 10:30am-2:00pm, there is going to be food from 20 different countries, music, dancing, entertainment, a fashion show and more! Tickets are on sale now for $10 in advance, and $12 at the door. If you are interested in volunteering or performing at this event, please don't hesitate to sign up in the International Programs and Services office (UC East 1235). You do not want to miss out on this great event!

Club Meeting March 1, 2013

4:30pm Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

Spend the first day of March with the International Club! As Spring Break is just around the corner, we will discuss last minute details about this trip.  Also, nominations for Executive Board positions for Fall 2013 semester will begin at this time. Snacks and drinks will be served!

Spring Beak in Florida (March 9 - 16)

During Spring break iClub has planned a trip to Orlando and St. Petersburg. We will be departing USI Saturday March 9 and returning to campus Saturday March 16. The cost for members is $290 and $340 for non-members. A deposit of $100 is due February 1st to guarantee a spot. The remaining amount will be due February 22nd.  This cost includes transportation and hotel fees for the entire trip. The links below are where we will be staying. All USI students are welcome to come! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us!

Club Meeting April 5, 2013 and Mystery Dinner

4:30pm Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

This will be the LAST club meeting of the semester! You will not want to miss this meeting, because we will be giving out information for those students leaving this semester as well as giving information for those students continuing in the Fall! Directly after this meeting we will be taking you on a mystery dinner! Nobody, except for one person will know the mystery location.  Join us to find out where!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Upcoming Events and Meetings Fall 2012


 Club Welcome Picnic                                    8/24/2012           

        4:00pm Residence Life Picnic Area

Get to know the officers of the International Club and find out what kind of fun events they have planned for the upcoming year, while enjoying a free picnic dinner and yard games. 

Holiday World Trip                                         8/26/2012

Get ready for the ride of your life!!! Holiday World is an amusement park and water park combined in one. It is located just 45minutes outside of Evansville.  Many of their rides have been voted number one in the world.  http://www.holidayworld.com/

Club Meeting                                                   

          4:30p.m. Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

This is the first meeting of the year!! Come and find out what international Club is all about! Meet the officers and students from around the world!! We will also follow this meeting with a soon to be announced outdoor activity!

Int. Office Trip: Taste of St. Louis                        9/29/2012
Cost: $20
Pay by Sept. 12th!!!

This trip is set-up each year by the International Programs and Services office. St. Louis is in the state of Missouri and is home to the Gateway Arch and the St.Louis Cardinals. We are visiting St.louis during their annual Taste of St.Louis Celebration. It is a celebration of the best food, art, music, and culture the city has to offer.  http://www.tastestl.com/ and http://explorestlouis.com/

Fall Break Trip: Mammoth Cave                10/8/2012 - 10/9/2012
Cost: $40(members) and $60(non-members)
Pay by Sept. 21st!!!   

We plan on taking advantage of the few days we have off for Fall Break and explore the world’s longest know cave! Mammoth cave has more than 392 miles of interconnected passages—so long that if the 2nd and 3rd longest caves in the world were joined together, Mammoth Cave would still be longer by more than 100 miles.  http://www.nps.gov/maca/index.htm

Club Meeting/ Hayride, BBQ, and Miniature Golf         10/12/2012

4:30p.m. Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

Our second meeting of the year!! You do NOT want to miss the information we will be unloading at this meeting!! The meeting will be followed by a trip  to the Bauer house were we will take hayrides, fill-up on BBQ, play miniature  Golf, and roast s’mores. (If you have never heard of a “s’more” then this trip is Mandatory!! )
                                           Murder Mystery Dinner                               

Carter Hall 

This is a night of mystery and murder. Which one of your fellow international club officers had it in them to murder one of their fellow officers? Will you be able to but the pieces of the puzzle together? Come join us for dinner, show, and prizes…..if you dare??

Club Meeting                                                    

          4:30p.m. Ruston Hall Multi-Purpose Room

This will be the LAST club meeting of the semester! You will not want to miss this meeting, because we will be giving out information for those students leaving in December as well as giving information for those students continuing in the Fall! For example we will already start preparing for FOOD EXPO which is our largest event in the Spring semester!

Club Thanksgiving Trip: Chicago                                11/21/2012 - 11/24/2012

During Thanksgiving break we will be traveling to the beautiful city of Chicago. Chicago is full of activities and places to see. Chicago is filled with skyscrapers, culture, and deep dish pizza. This is a trip that you do NOT want to miss. Start looking up activities in Chicago today! http://www.explorechicago.org/city/en.html

End of Semester Party                                   11/30/2012

This will be our last event of the semester where we will get together eat, play games, and say our goodbyes to those students leaving.                

~~Food Expo Video 2012 created by Kayla McCarty~~

Food Expo Video 2012 by Kayla McCarty

Thank you again Kayla for creating this Video for us!!